How is isolating good for us?  For those of us who like to be social, isolation may be a welcome change in the beginning, but after a few days it may become difficult.

As our world continues to shut down over the days and weeks following the coronavirus, we all have to adjust to what is.

I work remotely, and find getting out during my days a necessary part of feeling healthy and connected, yet life is presenting with limitations as I try to adjust to a smaller world.  At first I found the changes uncomfortable, especially when I walked into my favorite cafe to write and found most of the tables had disappeared.  I then heard how limiting people into the cafe would help reduce the spread of germs.  After my initial disappointment, I realized I would have to resign to being at home more.

I now focus on how I can be productive and happy being isolated to such a small home and community.  Luckily for me, I love being creative.  I will make the most out of my time by writing, painting, cooking and doing all those things that I often complain I don’t have time for.

For me, its the initial adjustment of being alone more and being restricted from some of my favorite places, but I know this won’t last forever.  I also know that using this time to make long needed personal changes is what I need to do at this time.  Although I am blessed to have a wonderful husband to share my shrinking world with, those of you who don’t have a spouse or partner and find yourself alone, try to use this time to do what you have put off or have wanted to do for years.  Clean the house, take a hike, play with your pet, read a book, play drums, cook a favorite meal, learn to knit or dance like crazy!

Being alone and going within is a healthy and necessary part of personal growth.  Keeping everyone safe is necessary in a changing world, but it doesn’t mean isolation has to be bad.  Make the most out of it!  It won’t last forever.