Fear the Most Toxic Disease

With the overall health scare from Cornavirus at the moment, it’s easy to get consumed with fear. People are panicking and fear is becoming the national norm.

Fear is one of the most toxic emotions. It infiltrates our minds like a deadly virus, even more so, as it paralyzes us in ways that prevent us from fully living our lives.

Although the current virus has to be taken seriously and precautions need to be taken, we need to not live in a state of fear or panic as that energy can take a heavier toll on our bodies than the actual disease.

Energetically fear pollutes the body and mind. The imagined fear can become more deadly than the virus if we allow it to, especially over a long period of time.

I’m not saying that the virus isn’t to be taken seriously, because it absolutely needs to, but fear in any form is destructive and toxic to our energy system.

As we go about our daily business, there is always the potential for something bad to happen. We never know what each day will bring. What’s important during this time is to live life to the fullest, be responsible, take sensible precautions, but release the fear when it arises. Recognize the fear, acknowledge it and let it go. Do not allow it to stay or manifest in your physical or mental energy system.

Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean simply not catching a serious virus, but taking care of yourself on every level. Negative emotions can be toxic in unseen ways that can ravage the body, pollute the mind and destroy the spirit in ways that manifest as crippling anxiety, depression and loss of self.

Today be mindful of where your thoughts go, and where your emotions are. Practice awareness and keep living! Fear? Not for me. Life goes on. I choose to feel at peace amongst all the chaos but I practice common sense and follow guidelines to keep my body safe, but I have control over my mind.