Addictions can consume your life in any form. Not only are drugs and alcohol addicting, but food, exercise, gaming, shopping, gambling or anything in excess can become an addiction.

People often stop one addiction, only to replace it with another “healthy” behavior, which overtime becomes an addiction. Sometimes people stop smoking and start exercising or stop drinking and start gambling. Until the underlying source of the addiction is addressed and healed, self-sabotaging behaviors are likely to continue.

Is it time to free yourself from a negative pattern of addiction in which you have felt stuck going around and around on a merry-go-round of destructive choices and behaviors? Again addictions come in all shapes and sizes, but underneath lies some sort of unresolved pain or loss and only when when it’s addressed, can the real healing begin.

I work with people who struggle with a variety of addictions as well as a variety of backgrounds from business professionals to college students. If you feel ready to make some powerful life changes, let me help guide you off of the merry-go-round and onto a stable new life path that leads to success, happiness and personal empowerment.

Life Warrior: The Everyday Summit is a motivational self-help book for everyday recovery.

Each day we face numerous choices to change. Sometimes we continue to climb toward our predetermined goals, and other days we struggle, falling backward or even back down the mountain to home base where we have to begin again.

In this modern-day myth book, you will be guided up the mountain to your personal summit which includes self-reflection questions and checklists for change to help you identify the areas in your life that you are struggling to succeed or improve.

Make the journey through life transitions and manage everyday challenges as you climb your very own personal summit, achieve empowerment, and never look back.

The Warrior Series: This is the first in a series of warrior books including the Professional Warrior: The Everyday Summit and Fitness Warrior.