Healing Your Thoughts

Are Your Beliefs Making You Sick?

Are you struggling with an emotional or physical health issue that won’t heal? Sometimes we spend months or even years trying to clear a condition that just won’t get better no matter what we try. Sometimes emotional problems are the root cause of physical ailments.

If you find yourself in a similar situation trying to change or heal an ongoing problem whether emotional or physical, it may be worth looking at your underlying beliefs about that issue and your beliefs on healing.

Sometime people have an underlying belief that treatment won’t work, or even that they don’t deserve to feel good, even though they consciously want to feel better. Finding the root cause of ongoing illness is essential in the healing process.

In my work as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Theta healer, I work with people on their emotional and physical challenges and underlying beliefs that have left them stuck in unhappy behavioral patterns or in ways that have kept them from reaching their full potential.

Theta healing involves a combination of psychotherapy to identify false beliefs, clearing old negative beliefs from core, genetic, ancestral, history and the soul level and downloading or implementing a new belief. This process is done with muscle testing as the body always holds the truth for all of us. Theta healing is a powerful and efficient way to clear past trauma and underlying beliefs that cause us to suffer emotional and at times physical pain.

Whenever you feel stuck in life or find yourself repeating old behaviors, stop and reflect, then ask yourself if your beliefs are causing you to suffer or making you sick.