The Life Warrior’s Path to Recovery

Recovery is different for everyone. No two people will experience recovery in the same way. What makes one person successful, may not help someone else.

There are many different groups and experiences for people in recovery. Finding the right path for yourself may be a process as the road may take some twists and turns, but don’t give up! It’s usually when you are closest to your destination that you want to give up the most.

In my professional experience working with people in recovery, finding the underlying root cause is significant. Sometimes we struggle to look back at our painful pasts, but when we do, we release that energetic hold that keeps us stuck from moving forward. Once we are willing to face the pain, we symbolically remove a bolder that has blocked us and kept us from finding our true path and from living our authentic lives.

The journey of recovery will vary from person to person. Some will struggle initially but get momentum as they climb the mountain to personal success, while others may struggle a lifetime. It’s only in the letting go of what was, and what prevents us from growing, that we can make significant strides up the mountain to personal empowerment and happiness.

So what does the journey look like for you? Are you willing to begin the climb? Have you started the climb and fallen back down the mountain, and if so, are you willing to get up and begin again?

Life Warrior: The Everyday Summit is a motivational self-help book for those who are either beginning the journey to recovery, or for those who have been on the journey but find that they are still struggling.

Whatever you are in life, there is a path. My passion is helping people discover and follow their own unique road to personal fulfillment. The journey was not meant to be taken alone, but instead to travel with others who support, understand, and value your life’s journey.

Are you ready to climb?