Grief and Loss

Healing from Grief

In February of 2021, I unexpectedly said goodbye to my mother. Even though I had said goodbye several times over the years as she struggled with a terminal disease, I was still not prepared to lose her completely.

Although I help others heal through grief and loss, and have personally experienced loss myself, nothing truly prepared me for the emptiness that my mother’s passing left behind.

So I begin my own personal journey toward healing. I found a local atrium filled with tropical flowers and plants and sat for hours over days on rocks hidden from view. Sometimes I sat and cried, reflecting on my mother’s life and her death. I felt alone, lost, and abandoned. Then I began to notice the new growth that surrounded me. Even in the middle of a cold endless winter, new life, new beginnings were there.

My mother had passed, and although sad, I realized that life is a cycle of birth and death. The plants were a reminder that life never ends, it continues, blossoms and grows. My mom had transformed her frail, worn body into a beautiful angel’s trumpet flower that hung next to me on a nearby tree.

One day, a college girl came in and started working, labeling plants and fauna. On the way out, I asked her about the beautiful trumpet tree. It had a single, light pink flower.

“Does the tree blossom all year round?” I asked.

“It blooms when it’s stressed.” she replied. Right now it has water and everything it needs so there is only one flower.” It’s called the Angel’s Trumpet.

My heart melted. I was also blossoming while stressed and the Angel’s Trumpet flower was a reminder that my mom’s death meant that she too, was blooming and growing, along with me.

No one wants to experience the pain of losing a loved one, but through the process, we grow and transform. The cycle of life brings us joy, yet pain.

My work in grief and loss is focused on helping people heal. Our loved ones never truly leave us. The energy of love never dies, but lives on in different ways. When we are ready to experience and release the pain and sadness, then we are able to remember and relive the joys and happiness that we shared with our loved ones too.

Through death, we experience new beginnings. Love never dies, but continue to lives on when we know what, and how to look for it.

What messages do your loved ones have for you? What was left unsaid? How can you heal? Learn how to listen and be guided to inner peace through private sessions in which you will share, honor and celebrate your loved ones in spirit.