How to Trust Your Own Guidance

Most of us know that “gut feeling” deep down when something isn’t right, or that nagging feeling in your body when you are about to do something that you probably shouldn’t do, but go ahead and do it anyway only later to regret whatever it was. These feelings are very important, as they are not just feelings, but that of our inner guidance talking to us.

The gut talks to us in very quiet and subtle ways, whereas our brain talks over our gut, often loudly overriding our intuition or gut feeling completely. We follow our mind instead often finding ourselves kicking ourselves for not listening to that intuition or inner knowing.

So why do we struggle to trust our own intuition or guidance? Part of this may be due to the fact that our own inner compass speaks to us in a nonverbal way. Not that of the mind, but that of the body. Those physical feelings that make you hesitate or feel odd are your inner guidance speaking to you, but most of us live in our heads and follow the thoughts that we hear, which do not always benefit or lead us in the right direction.

Being an intuitive person, or so I thought, I realized that most of the time I was not listening to my intuition and found myself being frustrated for lots of little things that would go wrong, when I knew intuitively that I should do them. Sometimes it could be simple things like not eating something that was bad for me or picking the wrong paint color. The more I started to pay attention to my feelings, the more I realized how accurate my own inner compass was. The problem was that I didn’t follow my guidance because my brain and logic easily dominated and overpowered the more quiet and subtle feelings.

As I continued my own journey of intuitive guidance, I started to pay more attention and began trusting that the feelings were more important and more accurate than my own mind. This was a huge challenge for me in the beginning because being a logical thinker and always wanting to understand everything, I was doing something completely alien and out of my comfort zone, but the more I learned to trust my own guidance, the better able I was to stay happy and healthy.

Helping people to learn how to trust their own inner guidance is one of my favorite things to do. I believe that at times we seek help or guidance from others, and that this is sometimes needed, that if we learn to trust ourselves and those gut feelings, then we become our own guides. After all, we all know what is best for us in the end; the problem is that we just simply don’t listen.

Next time you find yourself having an unnerving sinking feeling in your gut when making a decision, trust it and see where it leads you. Or at the least, pay attention to how many times you don’t listen to your body and see what happens. Chances are you will be amazed at what your body is telling you.