Mindfulness isn’t just a home practice, but a life practice that can be done at work. Throughout your busy day there are simple ways that you can bring mindfulness into your professional work that help you feel centered, grounded and balanced. Mindfulness can also provide you with insight and clarity to make positive work related decisions.

Taking a five minute mindful breathing break can do wonders as oxygen intake makes you feel more energized and alert. Taking a five minute walking meditation down the hallway or outside in the parking lot, allows stress to dissipate as you focus only on your footsteps, the air and the sunshine on your face. Closing the door to your office to do some gentle mindful stretching will relax the body, release built up toxins and stress.

There are many ways to practice mindfulness in the workplace. As a leader, your job is to provide a healthy and happy work environment, and as you lead, others will learn from you. Being mindful also increases your chances of personal and professional success.

Whatever your job or career, being mindful of what you think, how you feel, and where you put your energy is crucial. Professional burnout is real, but it’s not healthy or wise. Today choose to be mindful in the workplace. It may change the way you work forever.