Celebration of Life

In life, we all suffer and experience losses, but has there ever been a loss that leaves a hole in your soul? A first love, the death of a loved one, the loss of a beloved job? There are so many ways we experiences loss and some of these experiences can be so painful that they leave a hole in our soul.

When someone leaves or dies, sometimes the pain feels so great, and the emptiness so huge that we feel that nothing or anyone can fill that empty spot. It’s true that no one can replace that person, or that pet. The job that we loved may never be replaced, so how do we feel happy again and begin the process of healing, and begin to fill that hole in our soul?

It’s not always easy, but in times of healing, grief and loss, we need to find the things that are already present that fill our hearts with love and joy, such as a loved one, a friend, a beloved pet, a walk in the sunshine, a walk in the rain, fresh air. All the things that we take for granted each day that are there lose significance when we experience a painful loss. We are so overwhelmed and so distraught that we forget what, or who is still there.

We also need to recognize that it’s ok to have a small hole in our soul. The hole will eventually fill up, but some people, some pets, some life experiences that are taken away from us or that are lost, will always leave an empty space in our heart. It’s ok to feel the sadness. It’s ok to feel the emptiness. It is through the sadness that we connect with that beloved but it’s important to also release that loved one as a gift to ourselves, and to them. Holding on causes pain, and if held too long, the hole in our sole grows larger instead of smaller.

Part of the healing process is recognizing that all of life is change. Nothing stays the same, and it’s in our attachments to things, to people, to places that creates that hole. We are human and experiences emotions. This is healthy, but what’s critical is acknowledging our losses and the holes in our souls but to also celebrate and appreciate the loved ones, the pets, jobs and opportunities that we have today. Life continues to change at a moment’s notice. People are full of regrets when it’s too late.

Before it’s too late, celebrate the loved ones in your life. Look at the smile on their faces, hear their laughter, and hug that pet like there is no tomorrow, because for many, there is none.

Some days it’s ok to sit with the hole in our souls and others, it’s important to plant a flower in that dark space. Let the seeds of love grow. Love never dies, even after the loved one leaves, those seeds live on forever.