Personal Growth

How to Cope with Life Transitions

Life in all forms is about movement and transitions. Without movement, change and transitions, our lives become stagnant, and in stagnation, there is death. When our lives stop moving, we stop growing. Worse, we stop living.

Not only can our bodies stagnate, but so too our minds, hearts, and spirits.

So how do we welcome the unwanted changes we try so hard to keep out? We can’t control most of the unwanted changes in our lives, yet we often cling to sameness in hopes that our lives won’t change in ways that we find hard or frightening. No one wants to feel the pain of a loved one passing, or the loss of a job, but everything in life is transitory. Nothing is forever and nothing will stay the same. By not only acknowledging this fact, and instead embracing it, much peace can be found. It is in surrender, when we let go of trying to cling onto what we love, when true acceptance comes. By the simple act of releasing, we find serenity. This is when true growth and movement happens.

When you wake in the morning, expect change, look for it and embrace it. It’s always in the endings, and in the transitions, the movement of life that new seeds are being born.

Staying the same, means stagnation, and in that, there can be a high cost to the loss of your soul. We are meant to change, to grow, to evolve in life. Without change, there is no growth.

Many people stay in the stagnation of unhappy relationships where there is no adventure, no laughter, no shared connections. People stay in good careers for money, for benefits. Many stay in the same house, the same neighborhood or city, never venturing out to the world around them. In all cases, life becomes small when people stay the same for the wrong reasons and end up bitter, not happy with their spouses or partners and their jobs wreck havoc on their mental and physical health.

Where in life are you experiencing stagnation?

Where do you need to grow?

What part of your life is drowning in sameness?

Take a step today to say goodbye, to release what no longer serves you and take a step into the unknown, the world of change and movement.

Movement is life.

Without movement, life stagnates and in stagnation life does not flow.