We are born into the world alone and we leave alone. This earthly life is a transitional place where we learn lessons about love, strength, endurance and compassion, then we go back to our spirit home, a place of beauty and serenity.

There are many different views on death and dying and the afterlife, and no one perspective is certain, but regardless we all say goodbye to loved ones at some point.

Spirt messages arrive from our loved ones daily, but we are often so locked in grief that we are unable to see them or notice their presence. For me, I had a loved one who used to collect 5 cent coins. She saved them up for years to be given away at a later date as a gift. After she passed, I was walking down a busy street and found myself on a corner of a busy intersection. When I looked down on this heavily traveled sidewalk, I saw three 5 cent coins. I knew immediately that this was a sign from Eileen letting me know that she was still with me.

Loved ones communicate with us in so many ways, but when we are in deep grief, we are unable to see their signs or messages. Eventually with healing, time or guidance, we learn that they are still here in many ways.

Learn to pay attention, but do not actively seek them out, instead allowing the signs to come through. For most of us, those signs occur quite unexpectedly or at random times. It’s only in the holding on that we suffer and through suffering, we are unable to see or to notice spirit messages.

Everything on earth is energy and energy never dies, but only changes form, like the cloud in the sky that becomes rain, snow or ice, then melts and rises to the sky again.

Love is the strongest energy, and love never dies.