Laughing during a pandemic? Of course!

It is exactly at this time of emotional stress and physical isolation that we need to laugh the most. We are not laughing at the problem, or the global situation, but simply choosing to live in the moment and lighten our mood.

As a Certified Laughter Leader, I teach the health benefits of laughter. Not only does laughter fuel the body with much needed oxygen, but it also lifts the spirit and decreases negative emotions such as sadness or anger.

Laughter is a part of mindfulness and when we focus on what is good in our lives, what is going right or well, then we change our perspective. The theory behind laughter therapy is that laughter is truly the best medicine. Allowing yourself to let go and laugh by participating in some silly activities or just having fun, allows you to release physical and emotional stress and tension.

Life doesn’t change around you, but changes within you, when you make the decision to bring more laughter into your life. You may not feel like laughing, but giving yourself permission is the first step. If you watch children, they have a natural way of being joyful. Pets are another wonderful source of joy and happiness. Watching my cat chase a butterfly and running up and down the stairs provides me with brief moments of happiness.

Whatever you are doing, or wherever you are at this moment, think about a funny incident and give yourself permission to giggle, or spend the day giggling and releasing all of the yuck of the world.

Life will eventually change and become peaceful and safe again, but until then, find someone to laugh with, or laugh by yourself. It feels great and its healthy for you!