The Goal Whisperer

Everyone talks about goals, but how many of us actually meet our personal or professional goals?

After years of experience working with professionals and from my experience, my career path changed and evolved as I discovered some unique and helpful tools to use in times of transition and goal setting.

Because we live in a world of social media and posts photos of accomplishments, it doesn’t need to always be the goal to make a public statement but to meet our own personal, private goals.

One thing I have noticed over the years while working with people on their goals is that by talking about them, we can get stuck in simply “talking about goals” and not actually working towards or achieving them.

Some people need and enjoy the public attention they receive when they share their goals with others. Sharing may also inspire others, but it’s not always necessary to make our goals public, but to make a vow to ourselves to set a goal, work toward it and silently embrace that we made it, whatever the goal.

It’s not always important to announce to the world everything we are doing. By taking the quiet approach, or working with someone specifically on goal setting, allows you to create the space to envision and then take the needed steps to reach your personal and professional goals.

Announcing goals and achievements to others can have its benefits, but it can also have its downfalls. If you do not succeed, people will remind you, and you may feel that you let yourself down. By taking the quiet approach, you gain confidence, take the necessary steps and feel empowered.

Working together while helping people achieve their goals is a passion. I have seen amazing changes happen for people as they quietly make simple yet important life changes that alter and shift their life’s direction.

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