Seed Sisters

Over twenty years ago, I met a young woman who was stationed in England and was living and exploring the country. Different circumstances had brought us both to the UK, yet despite our differences we became instant friends until one day, the military shipped her to Japan, where she continued her career and I remained in England for another ten years.

We lost contact with each other as quickly as we had met, and life took us both in completely different directions. Years passed as we lost contact; then one day she sent me a message. We continued to touch base from time to time, the years and England were now part of our pasts. Somehow we reconnected again and started to share our stories, our experiences together in the olive markets of London, and of our journeys far apart.

Now I live in the Midwest, and she continues to travel. Although my house is small, she lives even tinier, as she travels and lives in an RV and explores the beautiful southwestern United States.

On days that I need a bit of encouragement or inspiration, she texts me photos of her artwork, or places that she explores that take me on fun adventurous journeys. I get to experience the raw beauty of New Mexico, mine for geodes in the desert mountains, and watch as she paints in the setting sun.

Although we are over a thousand miles apart, we now have more contact than we ever did before as we both plant seeds of hope and inspiration on our earthly journey of ours, together, yet also apart.

My longtime friend is now on the road again traveling, with no zip code in sight. I know that she is living life tiny in her shared RV as she travels to unknown and unfamiliar places, so I decided to create her something special, a miniature clay garden that can travel with her as she explores, or that can be left behind for others to plant lifelong friendship seeds that might grow, blossom and flourish.

Life randomly and intentionally brings people into our lives. I had no idea on a fateful summer’s day in London over 20 years ago that I would meet a seed sister who would blossom and grow with me, my entire life.

Seed sisters on the grow!

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