Living in a Listless World

We all make or create lists to some extent, but some of us more so than others. Do you find yourself making lists at work and at home? Do the lists ever end? Do the lists grow longer and longer?

For those of you who find yourself making lists upon lists of things to do, I challenge you to go one day without making any lists. Then take it one step further. Don’t check your list either. Spend a day in a listless world and feel the difference it makes.

As business leaders, professionals, mothers and fathers, we always have a ton of things to do or to get done. The pressure is always there to complete a task at home or to repair something, get groceries, pay the bills, etc. At work, we are responsible for achieving work related goals and to be high achieving, but sometimes all this takes a toll on us mentally, emotionally and even physically.

Starting tomorrow, write on the top of your list “Stop Making Lists” and then throw it away. Take the day to be present and release the burden of having a list of things to do.

Some personality types are driven and always feel the need to work toward goals, accomplish tasks and continually strive to succeed, but what if you ripped up one of those lists one day and just focused on being present to what is?

This may seem out of your comfort zone, but the benefits of releasing the need to be driven or goal orientated even for one day, will be a gift to yourself. You will begin to recognize where you spend your time, your thoughts and energy. Some of those things may be important to you and others not so much. This is your opportunity to start letting go of the little things.

As we continue to grow and practice personal growth in our daily work lives, our relationships and at home, we may be surprised at what we find.

Take a chance today: rip up your lists, set yourself free but if you absolutely must, make a list tomorrow of all the benefits you have received by not making a list!

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