I don’t know about you, but somedays I feel like I have been living off grid for the past year as the pandemic continues to rage across the nation. Staying in isolation, lack of social contacts and loss of travel have all taken a toll.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, the weather takes a horrible turn with over 10 days of below zero temperatures that stops me from taking my daily walks outside, one of the few things that I can still do to release the stress and tension of being pent up in isolation.

After releasing some frustration and surrendering to the fact that I am trapped indoors, I had to change my focus on how I could stay healthy and happy. For me, being outside in nature, walking on the ground, breathing in fresh air and seeing plants and wildlife, makes me feel alive, healthy, and happy. With the lack of what makes me feel well, I had to focus on new things that could also bring me a sense of healing. I quickly discovered that although I deeply missed being outdoors, that I could bring nature into my life in different ways. So I began a personal journey of how to stay healthy and happy while being confined indoors, which includes the following:

Bring nature into your house by filling your home with green plants and flowers.

Soak your feet in epsom salt. Add essential oils such as Juniper or Bergamot to get that connection with the earth.

Turn your bathroom into a personal spa. Take a warm shower using salt scrubs that are fused with essential oils. Turn on some relaxing music that helps you unwind.

Cook earthy grounding foods by using organic root vegetables. Make a healthy soup or stew.

Burn sage in your home. The combination of the sage and smoke not only clears your home’s energy, but also brings in the element of fire on cold wintery days.

Open the curtains and stand in the sunshine. We all need light to survive. The sun is a natural mood lifter for those of us stuck in the north or on dark winter days.

Light some candles as they create a feeling of warmth, spiritual connection and peace.

Nothing lasts forever. Although it feels as if the pandemic has lasted for an eternity, sometimes with little to no end in sight, the pandemic will eventually end and life will resume. Until then, I do my best to survive a cold and brutal winter and continue to connect with nature the best way that I can so that I stay healthy and happy. And you can too!

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