Cycling has always been an interest of mine, but over the last year, it has become a passion.

Like so many people, I gained weight over the course of the pandemic and found myself feeling overweight and unhappy. So as the snow started melting, I jumped on my bike and started to explore the roads and trails around me.

Somewhat of a challenge at first, I started with cycling roads, then progressed to trails and eventually to mountain biking, not something that I would normally have done in the past. I found it exhilarating sailing over the narrow rocky forest trails and lakeside paths as I gained happiness while losing some inches.

I have always found biking to be liberating, feeding both my need for adventure and nature. Cycling is a form of freedom from the stressors around me, allowing me to be fully present, breathing in fresh air, feeling the sun shining on my face and even if brief, giving me a mini adventure.

I began biking the Tomorrow River Trail and some other well known trails, but now I have set some specific goals that will allow me to strengthen my body, mind and spirit as I recognize and feel grateful that my body allows me to change, strengthen and endure as I grow older. I also realize that as we age, it’s important to set physical goals that allow us to be healthy.

After having watched a recent documentary about a 64 year old man who solo biked the Colorado Trail, an intense, beautiful mountain trail, I realized that I need to continue to set physical goals that feed my body and need for adventure.

When was the last time you set a physical goal for yourself? Is it time to start a new activity or set new goals? Whatever your passion in sports or adventure, I encourage you to get out there and give it your all.

Staying physically fit will improve your overall mental and emotional health and feed your soul. It’s not cliche, life is truly an adventure!

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