Celebration of Life

After my mother passed away in early 2021, we were not able to have a funeral due to the pandemic. The funeral has been delayed until late summer or early fall when it is safer for people to come together in larger groups.

As I began to prepare for my mother’s “funeral”, I was corrected and told that it would be her “celebration of life”. Although the terminology changed, to me it was still a funeral, saying goodbye and putting closure on her life on earth.

I thought about the term, “celebration of life” and realized that we should celebrate life everyday, not just when someone passes. For most of us, we get into our daily routines and often take life for granted, such as saying good morning or saying goodnight to our loved ones, seeing the sun rise or set each day, or feeling the wind on our face. We even take for granted the earth that we walk on.

Don’t wait until someone passes away to have a “celebration of life”. Celebrate life everyday, in every way possible. Celebrate your work, your family, and the food that you eat. Celebrate each breath that you take and every step that you walk. Celebrate your short life on this planet. Never take a single day for granted.

Celebrate your life today in some way that honors your journey. Be alive, be present to all that is.

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