Become Your Own Fitness Warrior!

We are excited to share that our latest book in the Warrior Series will be out soon! Fitness Warrior: The Everyday Summit takes you on an emotional, mental and physical journey to becoming your own fitness warrior! A Self-Help Motivational book that helps you take the personal steps to reaching your best personal summit in the areas of fitness and health.

Losing weight or getting into shape isn’t always easy or straight forward. Sometimes we are unaware of self-sabotaging behaviors that keep us stuck in unhealthy or dead-end cycles. In Fitness Warrior we give every day examples of how people sabotage their progress, as well as providing guided questions and worksheets to help you better understand your own personal path to a healthier and happier you.

Karolee Kause, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Tim Krause, a college professor who has personally completed numerous marathons and adventure runs, guide you on your journey, as they share their personal experiences, tools, and recommendations to help you reach and become your personal best mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically!

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