Have you ever resisted healing or struggled to make changes? This is common as we work through different issues whether physically, emotionally or mentally. Sometimes we don’t want to make necessary changes because it may feel like a loss of something we love or enjoy, but hanging onto old ways or maladaptive behaviors will take a toll on us emotionally, mentally or spiritually as we will not be living our best or authentic life.

There comes a time in life when we know that change is necessary. Usually this happens after a lot of holding on and resisting change, but then the pain becomes so great or the lessons so hard that we come to surrender and accept that it’s time to heal.

What is it in your life that needs healing? Where are you on your personal or spiritual path and where would you like to be?

Is this the time to heal? If so, join me on your very own personal growth journey of self-renewal, life direction and guidance as you map out a new road, a new personal path to better health, happiness, recovery or a new-found sense of stepping into who you were meant to be.