Therapy Games

Dirty Clouds Card Game

Dirty Clouds, a fun interactive game that encourages positive thinking, gratitude and problem solving.

Identify issues in the areas of emotions, school, family and relationships.

Find the happiness cards, dispel your dirty clouds and win the game!

Addiction Cubes

Addictions Cubes! A special edition of the award winning Therapy Cubes game.

Identify issues in the areas of addictions, emotions, school, family and social issues.

Hatch Award Winner

Therapy Cubes is a Bright Star Hatch Award winning personal story telling game.

Created for Counselors, Teachers and Mental Health Providers to help children work through issues in a fun non-direct way.

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Expansion Edition

The expansion edition includes a power dice for identifying personal strengths to use for problem solving or identifying personal strengths and a season cube to identify the season or time frame for the issues.

Therapy Books

Life Warrior

Embark on one of the most rewarding and challenging adventures that you have ever taken.

As a warrior, your journey is a solo one in which you will commit to a new path, one of personal strength and power that will ultimately lead to a new life.

A new path, the warrior’s path is about to begin if you are ready; this moment offers you a new journey, one that will change your life forever. 

Life Warrior, a book that gives you coping skills to help you succeed in relationships, career, addictions and in everyday life.

Restless Soul Syndrome

Enter the world of psychotherapy and the search for purpose and meaning.

Through individualized therapy sessions, explore common everyday struggles with career, life changes, relationship conflicts, grief and loss.

Some people simply question, while others search for a lifetime.

The Dirty Cloud Maker

The Dirty Cloud Maker is an inspirational story about an angry, troubled character who turns his bad thoughts into dark, dirty clouds and sends them out into the universe where they negatively affect others.

Journey with the Dirty Cloud Maker as he transforms his dark and miserable world into a positive, joy-filled, happy life.

The Dirty Cloud Maker is a reminder of the power of choices, and how each choice, either brings us closer to happiness or leads us deeper into despair.

The Dirty Cloud Maker can be used as a therapeutic tool to address anger, depression and self-esteem issues.

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New Releases

Feckle Head

Feckle Head and his cat Lucky Feister have anger problems and together they find annoying each other fun until one day Feckle Head discovers that it feels better to be happy.

A humorous story about an angry man and his feisty cat who make the decision to be happy.

Available on Tomorrow River Publishing , Amazon and Kindle

Through the use of storytelling and humor, Pesky Pinkerton’s is about a cat that had adjusted to his nutty human parents being home with him every day. But now he has to adjust to his parents going back to work and life resuming. This story is about how Pinkerton the cat copes with anxiety as life changes and moves forward.

Pinkerton’s Pandemic was written to help children deal with anxiety and fear during the global COVID 19 pandemic, that affected people worldwide and changed many lives forever.

Pinkerton’s Pandemic is about a cat who had to adjust to his human parents being home every day, creating chaos in his normal routine and how he ultimately learned how to cope living with his nutty family as life resumed.

Pinkerton’s Smelly Pandemic

Stinker Pinkerton’s Smelly Pandemic was written to help children deal with fear and anxiety during the coronavirus .

Pinkerton the cat starts to overeat in response to the pandemic, causing him to have horrible smelly farts. He eventually realizes that overeating does not help him feel better, so he returns to eating ordinary cat food and learns that everything is going to be ok. Life is still good.

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